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Founded in 2012, The Mission Possible Initiative provides students the opportunity to explore various careers, network, and connect with mentors through a week long experience in New York City. There, students will visit an array of fortune 500 organizations, meeting directly with executives on the industry and career paths. Click the button below for the trip itinerary. This is an example itinerary from a previous trip to give you an
overall idea of the trip. The 2024 itinerary will have new times and

Mission Possiblw

Visit Global Board Rooms

Over the years, students have visited the boardrooms of American Express, Disney, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Uber, The NYSE, Delta Airlines, Oppenheimer, Cantor Fitzgerald, Sony/RCA Records, The NBA, The NFL, and many more world leading organizations. 

Workshops & Forums

In addition, students partake in a hands on workshop centered around entrepreneurship and small business. They participate in themed leadership forums to discuss with leaders across business, education, and nonprofits the challenges and opportunities of the future. 

Local Networks

Upon their return, students remain connected to their NYC connections. They furthering the experience locally through regional company visits and networking opportunities. 

Developing Leaders

The program has served as a platform for students to develop as leaders and realize their full potential, as many have gone on to college, internships, and leadership roles within their communities and across the country. 



Marching On: Montgomery to D.C. was started in 2012 to provide students with the opportunity to travel to our nation’s capital. The itinerary is designed to maximize the students’ engagement with and exposure to leaders in government and policy, local universities, and cultural institutions. This is an example itinerary from a previous trip to give you an overall idea of the trip. The 2024 itinerary will have new times and meetings.

Marching ON

Meeting with VIPs

The program affords the students the opportunity to privately meet with prominent individuals in order to learn about their successful careers and then apply those lessons to their own pursuits.

Preparing for the Trip

Before the trip, the students complete goal-setting assignments and research the individuals and institutions they will be visiting in order to prepare thoughts and questions.

Trip Highlights

Highlights of the program include discussing education policy with the U.S. Secretary of Education, touring local universities, visiting with members of Congress, and visiting Google. The program has a strong track record of success.

Workshops & Forums

One student who toured Howard University through the program enrolled there last fall. The trip has inspired participants to study abroad in Europe, intern in state government, work on local political campaigns and spend a summer taking classes at the George Washington University.



After the trips, the selected students participate in

This includes:

  • Visits to local companies and institutions

  • Connecting with mentors in their community

  • ACT/SAT tutoring

  • Assistance in college and career applications

  • Participating in internships

  • Enrolling in early college/dual enrollment programs

  • Staying connected with their mentors and networks in DC, NYC and across the country

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